The Coaching for Wisdom approach aims to deepen awareness of self, others and the external world to guide purposeful, confident and effective action.

It brings clarity to the nature of our service, contribution and impact in the world.

It widens perspectives and understanding of what characterises wisdom through balanced use of our intelligences.

It increases freedom and possibility.


Core to the approach are four foundational questions for cultivating wisdom, relevant at all times:

What is your purpose and direction? 

What and who guides you?

What practices help you?

What action are you taking?

Who and how

Coaching for Wisdom is useful for leaders and leadership teams who want to be role models for wisdom in their organisation.

For many it can be helpful at times of role development or career transition or to address a specific challenge or behaviour which seems to be getting in the way of wise action.

It normally involves 4-6 sessions in person or online over a period of up to 6 months.  This enables time for raising awareness of areas for change, trying new ways of acting and  noticing the practical impact.

Homework and activities are suggested between sessions and the coach provides an ongoing record of progress and plans.

Coaching discussions are held in a relationship of mutual trust, kindness and openness to healthy challenge and inquiry.

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